Frequently Asked Questions

Is OYO Cater free?

You bet! OYO Cater never adds any fees beyond those that the caterer requires. You’ll always see the breakdown of the caterer’s charges: food, delivery, tip, tax. Nothing is hidden and there are no mark-ups.

What does OYO mean?

OYO is an acronym for "On Your Own”.

Who are we?

OYO Cater is a platform for ordering catering services in delivery.

OYO Cater gives you access to a wide selection of caterers and allows you to place all your orders with one tool.

Designed to simplify the life of companies, its goal is to provide you with a tool to order in a few clicks and allow you to effectively track your orders (consolidated billing, history of consumption, budget, workflow, etc.).

What kind of food can I get?

Any kind you would like! We have a wide range of reliable restaurants and caterers. Our only order minimums or requirements are what the caterers specify. If you have a caterer you’d like to see added to our network, email us at

Is the food delivered? Can I pick it up?

Yes and yes. Most of our caterers deliver. If you prefer to pick up the food yourself, simply set your order up as Pick Up at the Review Your Order stage.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order is easy! Simply visit and enter the address where you need food delivered. Select the caterer you’d like to order from and build your order. Once you’re done, go to checkout, provide your payment information, submit your order, and relax. We’ll take care of the rest. You can also place an order on by contacting us at

Can I cancel an order and is there a cancellation fee?

To cancel an order, contact us as soon as possible by email at

You may cancel an order in full before a Confirmation Email is received without any charges. To confirm the cancellation, sending an email to is mandatory. Without email, the order is considered maintained.

The caterer may have to charge for food already prepared. 

Can I change or modify an order once it is place?

Yes. You can make changes directly online or by contacting us at If you can’t make the change online, contact us and we’ll request the change (no guarantee). For most caterers, the cut off time is three hours.

Can I view my past or future orders?

Yes. Your Orders page shows your pending and past orders. That page also lets you print an order receipt, reorder with just one click, and add to favourite.

My Account
How do I change my account information?

You can always change any of your information in your Account page, once logged in.

How do I change my password?

You can always change any of your information in your Account page, once logged in.

What if I forgot my password?

No problem. Click the "Forgot Password” link that comes up on the login page. 

Pricing & Payment
How does OYO Cater make money?

OYO Cater receives commissions from the restaurants and caterers.

Is there a delivery charge?

Some caterers charge a delivery fee, which is clearly displayed when you place your order.

Should I tip the delivery driver?

We recommend it unless the distance is small, or the delivery fee is already large. Drivers rely on tips. Simply enter the tip amount when you finalize payment on an order. Then you’re all set, even if you’re not present when the delivery occurs.

What credit cards are accepted?

OYO Cater accept all major credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.